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Product Demonstrations An Excellent Fit For Cloud Based Video Conferencing - CloudTweaks

by cloudtweaks on April 10, 2013

Product or service demonstrations that require visual contact are an excellent fit for video conferencing, one of the newer features available with a Cloud-based Hosted PBX solution. A sales representative demonstrating a new smartphone to a corporate customer can now easily show him/her the benefits of the device, visually and in real time.
Another highly beneficial application of the technology is increased ease of screening prospective new employees.  Where in-person meetings are not convenient or where managers are tasked with hiring staff who will work remotely, video calls offer a superior means of gauging a prospective employee’s personality and demeanor.

Potential cost savings make the solution even more attractive.  Typical video conferencing solutions are offered on a per-minute basis, and can potentially represent monthly fees of thousands of dollars above and beyond a company’s core phone service costs.  Current users can add video capability to their Hosted PBX service for a very affordable, flat-rate monthly fee.

The video conferencing feature responds to the growing need for mobile workers to enhance their work experience with high quality business telecommunications capability.  A recent Robert Half International survey asked 1,400 CFOs which perks were most likely to strengthen employee retention and motivation. At 24 percent, the second most important consideration was flexible work hours and telecommuting.  Recent IDC research indicates the world’s mobile worker population will total more than 1.3 billion (more than 37 per cent of the total workforce) by 2015.

With a  Hosted PBX service and a soft phone, mobile staff and their managers can immediately start enjoying the benefits of telecommuting and video conferencing.  Employees who travel often – particularly those who need to check in with head office regularly – will now be able to enjoy the additional benefits of face-to-face collaboration.  The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has noted that as much as 80 per cent of what humans “say” is expressed in their body language, meaning that video conferencing enables much more meaningful and impactful sessions than are possible during simple voice calls.

By Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson is Founder and CEO of Easy Office Phone.  Established in 2005, Easy Office Phone provides Business VoIP and Hosted PBX service to companies and organizations of all sizes throughout North America. Easy Office Phone is now offering video conferencing.


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